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Psychic Card Party

This is where everyone picks a card from one of my wonderful deck's and holds the card for a few minutes then place the card in a bag.

Psychic Flower Readings Party

This is where everyone picks a flower and places it into a bag.

Astrology Party
Mix it up Party

I will read everyone’s personality and answer 1 question on Love, Money, Family or Health. I will need everyone's DOB, Place of birth and Time before the party.

This is where you are free to put whatever you like in a bag weather it's a photo, Flower, or even you can pick a card from one of my deck's.

Psychic Jewellery Party

This is where everyone puts a piece of Jewellery that they own in a bag

Psychic Photo Reading Party

The parties are interactive and fun each party will be a platform style demonstration and will last up to 2 hours. The cost will depend on what catering pack you choose. Should the event go over time, it will be $10 per person per half hour.


If you would like a party with no food the cost will be $50 per person and a minimum of 8 people is required to have a party and a maximum of 20 people. If you are serving alcoholic beverages can I please ask that each guest has a maximum of 2 glasses while I am there at the venue.


I am also available for private readings and events such as Weddings, large scale Birthday parties and corporate events. Please contact me if you are interested.

This is where everyone places a photo in a bag. If it is of someone that has passed it becomes a mediumship reading and if the person is living than it's a psychic reading.

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